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A notice inviting contributions to

The 13th Shanghai Student Television Festival




  Shanghai University Student TV Festival is an annual activity launched by Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and East China Normal University, aiming to promote communication in Student's TV area. As the “Outstanding Project of University Cultural Construction Backed Up by National Ministry of Education “ in 2012, this festival has gradually become a nation-wide famous “grand film and video ceremony for the country’s youth ”, due to its large scale, numerous participants, wide social coverage.

After being approved by Shanghai TV Festival, Shanghai University Student TV Festival was launched in 2008 as a new sub-project of Shanghai TV Festival, and was listed as “Important Project” of Shanghai TV Festival in 2010. The nearly two-hour Awards Night, i.e, the closing ceremony is relay broadcasted or recorded broadcasted by Dragon TV and Art and Humanities Channel of Shanghai Broadcasting and TV Station every year.

Shanghai University Student TV Festival is designed to build a stage for students to challenge themselves, develop themselves and express themselves. The competition is held under the spirit of the theme----- “Spectacular Vision, Spreading Dreams”, hoping to promote and deepen the discussion on film and video making among university students, strengthen the communication on TV among domestic and foreign students, foster practical skills and innovative ability of the students, create a harmonious atmosphere for TV-production discussion, and provide future-oriented reference views for Shanghai TV Festival.


Organizatio Guide unit

l  Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

l  Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee

l  Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group

Radio and Television Shanghai

l  Shanghai TV Festival Organizing Committee



l  Shanghai Institute of Visual Art

l  East China Normal University




●   East China Normal University College of communication

●   the communist youth league committee of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art


Undertaken by       

●   Beijing Detao Masters Academy


Supported from

●  (up to the 5th of SSTF)Total of 39 College and University in China



Collecting Direction


Original DV short film (2D/3D) AND Original Animated short film(2D/3D)                                                           

l  The current session of SSTF common of  DV video clip(including Drama、Experimental Film、   

Documentary and TV Film)and Animated Short Subject.

l      Setting Awards : Separate Item Award, Special Award, General Awards and Jury Award.   


Set up for award

   【Separate Item Award】


Best Director

Best performance award

Best Cinematography

Best Film Editing

Instructor Award

Animated Short      Subject

Best story Award

Best technology of Animation Award

  Instructor Award




【Special Awards】


Best Foreign Film

Special Title Sponsorship Award( non-permanent)



【General Awards】


Best Alive Action Film

Best Documentary Feature

Best Experimental Film

Best TV Film

 Animated Short Subject

 Best Animated Feature Film

 【Jury Award】


Lilac Award

Animated Short Subject



 We will invite all the award-winning author、some of shortlisted authors(person or team)come to (6th SSTF ' The award ceremony and closing ceremony' (in tonight's award ceremony, the guest will award the certificate, cup, souvenir and a course experience of Detao Media Master to the winner. Besides, the winner's word will be selected in the book-【The Student Original Micro Films Practice】.


  The winner will also be invited to the high-end academic communication activities provided by the Beijing Detao Educational Institution. These activities include a visit to "SIVA Detao Master's Building", masters forums, watching films meeting(providing the authoritative scholar, industry elite and a discussion with course businessman).

Entry objects       

   Domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning is officially registered students (including junior college students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students, graduate students)



1  All of the entries need to be original from the contestants,do not contravene the laws of people's Republic of China, without any case of infringement of the rights of others, including but not limited to infringe the right of portrait, right of reputation, the right of privacy, copyright, trademark and so. Due to the infringement of all liability and caused all the losses borne by the author.

2  Entries are the default permission in the Internet, television, show on new media, including published in the newspapers, periodicals and the selection of activities .Each participant works submitted, shall be deemed to have agreed to contest organizers and the licensee has the right to the use of participant works (copyright is still owned by the original author), do not pay royalties. The right to use only refers to the tournament publicity, and published the award-winning works for manual, collection of publications.(if used for other purposes, shall be informed)

3  All of the works should reflect the healthy social culture, which covers news, arts, culture, life, sports field.

4  The work from the foreign students just participate in special awards 'Best Foreign Film',Domestic students can't participate this award.

5  All the application materials, photos, videotape will not be returned,Please take the backup。

6  The organizers, Co-organizer and all of the sraff who work in this competition is not allowed to participate in this competition.

7  The length of the film/works:DV/film: 5-20min,Animated Short Subject 2-15min。

8  DV/short film, animation works need submitted the disc/DVD to the organizing committee office (address details later ) or upload FLV files to the official net online.(Official Website:www.sstvf.orgMust first register, submission before you login )



Be attention please:


1  There are two methods for the delivery in this contest, Post and on - line delivery,both of it need   download“designated Titles(of a film/flash)”synthesis it at the beginning of your work,please. Thanks for your corporation .(website to


2  The method by post, the disc/DVD need submitted in duplicate,The contents of the disc for works of high quality data files (MPG, MOV, WMV format, AVI), literature script, director's notes, perception, 8 stills of the electronic version by high pixel, 1 pieces of the staff photo.


3  Animation works in addition to the above material, please try to provide the electronicversion of

   SHOOTING SCRIPT, character settings, scene setting and other relevant information,thank you.


4  The awarded-winning work provided detailed source of materials will be given priority select in the book-The student Original Micro Film Practice (Shanghai Jinxiu Artical Press).



About the delivery in this contect


1、  Use express to submit work( individual or group ) please download and fill in the relevant application form in the official website (link:, from now until 2015 May 5 days before the disc/DVD mailed with the work together.

Address: Room 104 of Administration Building, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Wenxiang Road                       NO.2200, Songjiang University Town.(中国上海 松江大学城 文翔路2200号 上海视觉艺术学院       


Recipient: The Organizing Committee of the Shanghai Student Television Festival(SSTF)

   (上海大学生电视节组委会 收)

Zip code:201620

2、  Contestant(individual or group)who upload the works in the Internet shall begin on March 1, 2013,  please register on the official website of Shanghai Student Television Festival(SSTF), and submit the corresponding format works online. Thank you!

Deadline:2016. 4. 15 


Participants’ Notice


1  The work that participant submits should be wholly or partly produced by the participant himself (coauthors can take part together). Participants should confirm to possess the work’s copyright, and any legal liability that resulted from disputes related to portraiture right, reputation right, copy right, trademark right and etc. should be assumed by the participant himself instead of  the organizing committee. The committee reserves the right to eliminate participant eligibility and the right to recall awards.

2  The organizing committee should not be liable for any loss or damage during mailing, nor is the committee liable for any loss, mistake or damage to the work due to irresistible factors.

3  Winning units and individual should possess the copyright to the work, while the committee shares the copyright with them. The organizer of the competition has the right to publish, broadcast, publicize the awarded work, and has the right to use the awarded work in activities related to art education.

4  Participants are not allowed to transfer the work to a third party or license a third part during the competition. No individual or organization is allowed to use the work in this competition for commercial usage without the authorization of the organizer. The participant can use the work for another competition or related commercial activity before or after the competition, but all the consequences should be bore by the participant if conflict against other competition’s regulation occurs.

5  Nominees are expected to attend the forum, award night, gala and other related activities with the written invitation of the committee. Transportation expense will be partly claimed and food and accommodation during the competition will be provided by the committee.

6  The committee will send award notice to award winners. If the notice is not confirmed nor received in two weeks, the award winner should be deemed to give up automatically.

7  The judge panel are composed of famous experts and professors, excellent students, and seniors of the industry both home and abroad. Detail information of judges and the list of nominees will be published on the official website. We will timely release the latest news on the official website and we long for your attention.

8  If any rule of the competition changes, we will publish the revised content on official website. Provided the participant does not accept the revised clause, he has the right to withdraw from the competition.

9. All participants that submit work and finish the registration form, are perceived to accept all clauses of this specification.



Notice:The competition committee reserves the ultimate rights of the explanation of this general rules & regulations.


Contact Details


Address:Room 104 of Administration Building, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Wenxiang Road                       NO.2200, Songjiang University Town.




E-mail:      [email protected](Just for the contribution)




Weibo (sina):@上海大学生电视节




Shanghai student TV Festival Organizing Committee






《College Original Micro Film Exercise》

Subscription function


   The Organizing Committee of the Shanghai student TV Festival with the broadcast and TV director Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, is in the process of editing and publishing the book named "College original micro film exercise" . This book has been the issue, will be published in May,2013'by the Shanghai Jingxiu Article press'.

  This book incorporating the student TV Festival of the original works, and attached the "Director's notes", "Literature script", " Expert comments" and "Works video disc", will be able to be the book by use of add a detailed case for college media teaching, also provide advice to Role positioning  themselves for our new media people.

   The preface for this book is written by the National People's Congress Standing Committee, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, president of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts Shanghai Gong Xueping., is expected to We believe it will become the media professional textbooks and reference books, when it be published.

    We expect you have more excellent works to contribute our SSTF—"The sixth Shanghai student TV festival".


                                Booking Receipt(copy is ok)                                                                 


 Address(Clear handwriting please)

Zip code 

Phone    number












注: "College Students' original micro film exercise" single book price 38 yuan (Provisional), through this receipt book publication, provide to the market price of 15% off discount

Post this to(Address):Room 104 of Administration Building, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Wenxiang Road NO.2200, Songjiang University Town.

Recipient: The Organizing Committee of the Shanghai Student Television Festival(SSTF)

Zip code:201620













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